Business Consultancy

We enable you to build the business for the future – whether you want growth, increased profits, clear focus, more time, better motivated staff, new skills, more ideas, better communication, new products, new markets or differences to create that competitive advantage – we have the tools and skills to guide and most importantly help you implement the solutions at an affordable cost.

Our consultancy services fall into 3 areas of competencies:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Financial Analysis
Sales & Marketing

We create world class organizations through the optimization of the marketing and the field sales performance. We assist clients of all sizes, across a broad spectrum of industries, in increasing their sales and their profitability through the implementation of innovative sales & marketing methodologies, best practices, skills, and tools.

From strategy through tactical implementation, NAT Consulting core competencies include:

  • Marketing Strategy & Plans
  • Sales Performance Improvement
  • Key Account Management
  • Sales Training and Management Coaching
Logistics & Supply Chain

Optimizing the acquisition, movement and storage of materials (and information flows) throughout the supply chain, from original suppliers to end customers. Using proven methodologies, we provide fresh insight into complex cost and service trade-offs and implement practical strategies that deliver tangible performance improvements.

  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Information Systems
  • Inventory, Warehousing and Logistics
  • Operations Management
  • Sourcing and Procurement
Financial Analysis

We offer proven profitability management expertise. Our experience based approach includes the following elements:

Revenue and Cost Allocation - financial analysis and consultation to determine assumptions and principles for cost allocation.

Profitability Analysis & Scenario Modeling - financial analysis to calculate current profit contributions by customer and product, financial modeling to identify the future profitability of alternative market development and business growth scenarios.

Once a profit improvement plan has been established we can provide detailed implementation assistance including project management, process re-design, systems selection and change management support.


We believe that your greatest asset is your people. Our development courses lead management and employees to take responsibility for their organization's growth and their own individual development. We use interactive methods during workshops to make these more enjoyable, and consequently more effective.

We also believe that a training course is only the start of your journey to improve your skills, and so we aim at longer term partnerships with our clients to make sure that you are able to put new skills into practice back in the workplace.

Sales & Marketing
Sales Fundamentals
  • Sales Responsibilities
  • Account Penetration
  • Setting SMAC Objectives
  • Steps of the Call
  • Data Benefit Scorecard
  • Persuasive Selling Format
  • Handling of Objections Process
Strategic Key Account Management
  • The EGGS System
  • Accounts Understanding
  • Brand Priorities / Strategies
  • Dissection of Data
  • Efficient Assortment
  • Figure Benchmarking
  • Generating a Goal
  • Setting Holistic Strategies
  • Igniting the Commercial Argument
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Listing of Positives and Negatives
Van Sales Management Fundamentals
  • Coverage and Routing Strategies
  • Time and Motion Studies
  • Staffing and Infrastructure
  • Remuneration
  • Hand Held Objectives
  • KPIs / Scorecarding
  • Fleet Management Loading
  • Equipment Placement Rationale
Practical Key Account Management
  • Agreement Scorecarding
  • Case Studies on Figure Benchmarking
  • Goal and Holistic Strategies
  • Joint Business Planning, and Scorecarding
  • Making Presentation Strategies
  • Giving and Taking
Professional Selling Skills
  • Types of Promotions
  • Account Penetration
  • Planning the Call: KOPKO, SMAC
  • Objectives and SMART Benefits
  • Advanced Presentation Skills
  • Body Language and Phrases That Sell
Writing a Marketing Plan
  • Business Review
  • Problems and Opportunities
  • Sales Objectives & Plan Strategies
  • Target Market and Marketing Objectives
  • Communication Goals
  • Tactical Marketing Mix Tools
  • Budget, Payback Analysis
  • Execution and Evaluation
Merchandising Skills
  • What is Merchandising
  • Merchandising Tools
  • Merchandising Factors
  • Priorities
  • Merchandising Steps
Numeracy Training
  • Introduction to Numeracy
  • How Sales Reps Increase their Chances of Closing Sales
  • Powerful Uses of Numeracy
  • Data in Selling
Business Negotiation Skills
  • Principles of Negotiation
  • Negotiation Process / Pillars
  • The Preparation Phase
  • Assessing your Position
  • Planning your Objectives
  • The Opening/Bargaining/Closing Phases
Communication Skills
  • Why Conversations Go Wrong
  • Structure & Behavior of Communication
  • An Alphabet for Movement
  • Communication Process
  • Communication Barriers
  • Effective Listening Skills
Presentation Plus
  • Planning the Presentation
  • Deadly Signs of a Talk
  • Structure of a Talk
  • Getting Attention and Keeping Interest
  • Body Language Techniques
  • Questions, Answers and Troublemakers
  • Handling Queries/Questions/Objections
Sales Management Fundamentals
  • Planning: Market Analysis, Mission and Objectives, Strategies and Measures, MGSM Model, Staffing (Training, Coaching, Recruiting, Appraising
  • Directing: Delegating, Motivating, Leading
  • Controlling: Verbal Communications, Running Meetings, & Tracking the Businesss
Train The Trainer
  • Training Cycle
  • Checklist Preparation
  • Preparation of Training Plan
  • Measure of Progress
  • Preparation of Training Booklet
Running Meetings
  • Why Meetings Do Not Work
  • Understanding What Happens at Meetings
  • Organizing, Controlling and Documenting a Meeting
Leadership That Gets Results
  • Management vs Leadership
  • Questions That Leaders Ask
  • Traits of Leadership
  • Case Studies / Workshops
Coaching Skills
  • Good Coach vs Bad Coach
  • Importance of Trust
  • The Coaching Cycle
  • Questioning / Listening
  • Team Performance Model
  • Importance of Feedback
  • Delegation: When? Who? and How?
Decision Making Skills
  • Definition and Benefits
  • Types of Modes
  • Factors Affecting Decision Making
  • The 6 C's
Planning in Sales Management
  • Planning: Situational Analysis, SMART Objectives, and MGSM
  • Staffing: Select, Recruit, Train and Appraise
  • Directing: Delegate,Motivate, Lead and Reward
  • Controlling: Communication Skills, Running Meetings and Monitoring
Balanced Scorecard
  • Vision/ Mission/ Values
  • Internal/External Environment Analysis
  • The 4 Perspectives
  • Strategy Map
  • Performance Analysis
  • Cascading
  • Execution
Category Management
  • Key Concepts within ECR and CM
  • How ECR and CM fit together
  • Processes invloved in going to market with Category Management via YOU
  • Develop the Draft Model Customer Presentations for use with Key Accounts
Finance For Non Finance
  • Basic Aspects of Financial Analysis
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
  • Ratios and Case Studies
Performance Appraisal
  • Subjective vs Objective Appraisal
  • Appraisal Methods
  • Conflict and Confrontation
  • Common Mistakes and Bias Effects
Conflict Resolution
  • Defining Conflict
  • Avoiding Conflict
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Making Mediation Work
Budget Strategies in Motion (Modules I & II)
  • Budget Definition
  • Sales Budgets
  • Setting Sales Forecast
  • Forecasting Ramifications
  • Types of Budget Spending
  • Accruals and Expenses
  • Trade Spending
  • KPI's


We have a wide ranging experience in analyzing the human resource needs of companies in a wide range of industries. We help you create strategic plans for the growth of your team not only in selecting the people you need for growth and success, but subsequently in training, developing and equipping them with the necessary skills from communication to IT which will engender a dynamic contribution to your business.

Other issues we can help with:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Training
  • Recruitment and Contracts of Employment
  • Job Profiling and Descriptions

Event Management

Corporate events are paramount to the business success of many companies. It raises the business profile and the outward image of the company as well as it boosts the staff morale in general. The work hard, play hard ethic is widely embraced by the most successful companies.

The type of events that we organize from A to Z include:

  • Product Launches
  • Company Motivational Events
  • Teambuilding
  • Conferences

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